Historical reenactment of Palmanova
A.D. 1615 Palma to arms
2-3-4 September 2022

The largest Renaissance reenactment in Europe
1100 reenactors from 15 different countries

Pre-sale tickets on www.euroticket.it/palma2022


Little is missing from the largest historical Renaissance reenactment in Europe. A.D. 1615 Palma alle Armi, an event of historical reconstruction and living history, gathers over 1100 reenactors in the fortress-city of Palmanova, involving as many as 60 historical groups from 15 different European countries. The event will be held on 2-3-4 September 2022.

The pre-sale of tickets, costing 5 euros for adults, for Saturdays and Sundays, is already open on the website www.euroticket.it/palma2022 . Free admission for under 14.

“We have been working on this impressive event for months. The number of reenactors is constantly increasing, ensuring a unique atmosphere in the city. Palmanova relives its history, going back 400 years. Then admiring hundreds of tents in Bastione Garzoni, or the great battles in the open field, where armies of a thousand soldiers compete against each other between pikes, muskets and cannons will be a truly special experience “, commented the Mayor Giuseppe Tellini together with the councilor for culture Silvia Savi.

The historical setting of the Palmarine re-enactment is the War of the Uskoks, fought from 1615 to 1617 between the troops of the Archduke of Austria and those of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, whose banner marches will return to dominate the fortress city for the duration of the event.

The faithful reconstruction of clothes and kits, the imposing camp of the militias, the historic market with the ancient craftsmen and the staging of two great battles with cavalry charges, in the intact setting of the Palmanova bastions, will transport the viewer back of 400 years.

In this edition, within the camp, ample space will be devoted to teaching activities, from military to culinary art, from the use of spices to tailoring, as well as music, dances and itinerant theatrical performances. Among the most important innovations we highlight, at the Polveriera Garzoni, the in-depth analysis concerning the typographer’s laboratory on the models of those used by Gutenberg and Manuzio and the construction of the book. In addition, for the youngest, space in the laboratory with the phases of paper production and other playful activities.

The shows also continue in Piazza Grande and in the three city villages with the great troop arms reviews, the zoghi de Palma, the Taberna Vexillarii and the numerous taverns, the Cena dei Borghi, the Contesa della Rotella and evening parties at the court of the Superintendent General and the Governor of Arms, in front of whom histrionic artists, refined musicians and skilled duelists will perform, all to worthily celebrate the return of Palmanova to its former glory.