The Dogal Cathedral

The Dogal Cathedral, dedicated to the SS. Redeemer, was built between 1615 and 1636 by the Venice Fortifications Office.

The façade, built with Orsera white stone and Aurisina grey stone, is divided into two orders: a lower one, with giant columns, and an upper which has three niches for the statues of the Redeemer, of St. Marco and of St. Giustina. On the tympanum, there is a winged lion whose original version was destroyed by the French in 1797 and replaced with the current version made by the sculptor Ferdinando Busetti (1893- 1894) from Palmanova. The reduced height of the bell tower prevented the building from being exposed to the enemy artillery.

The Cathedral has a single nave with wooden trusses and houses the Pala delle Milizie (an important altarpiece by Padovanino), the wooden Madonna attributed to Domenico da Tolmezzo and, in the sacristy, the gallery with portraits of some General Superintendents.

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